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Clinics are 1, 2 or 3 days of learning theory, principles and philosophy of the Parelli Savvy system.

Beginning Level 1:  To help the student begin to create good habits and skills to become a horseman.   Focusing on basic skills, safety, 7 games,and building  rapport/relationship with your horse.

Advanced Level 1:   Expands on the 7 games and transferring games to riding.

Level 2:  Building confidence in yourself & your horse on the ground and in the saddle, winning the 7 games, positive reflexes, and impulsion strategies.

Level 3:  Introduces liberty to our other two savvys, online and Freestyle.

Level 4:  Finesse is  now introduced.  Soft phases in all savvys, refinement of communication.

Clinic costs are as follow:

1 day/$250

2 days/$400

3 days/$500

Maximum number of students is 10. Arena/facility fees are determined by host and divided among the participants.


Workshops are usually a specific focus in the levels program. Examples are: carrot stick riding, parelli puzzles, impulsion games, Level 3 online introduction, Level 1 riding, transition and lead changes. Workshops are usually 3 hours long in the morning or afternoon. The cost is $125 per student, with a minimum of 6 students. Arena/facility fees will be divided among students and determined by the host.


Private and group lesson topics are determined by the student in whatever they need help in. Private and group lessons can be scheduled at any time with the instructor at her private ranch in Valley Center, CA. If the instructor needs to travel, private lessons are available for students living within 20 miles. Private and group lessons are available for those living further, if at least 3 students attend with a minimum of 3 hours instruction time. Arena/facility fees are determined by the host and divided among the students.

Costs are as follows:

1 student, $85/hour at Margit’s Ranch. $100 at your ranch. (I haven’t done too many lessons that last only one hour, they always go over )

2 students, $85/hour/student ($75 at my ranch)

3 or more students, $75/hour/student ($65 at my ranch)

Travel expenses will be added to the above fees and vary according to distance. This will also include lodging and meals if overnight stay is required.


Video coaching is available for $75/hr. For those students who may not be able to attend a clinic or lesson and would like some help via video. I will spend time watching and responding the challenge the student may have. It usually takes me 2 hours to watch and comment on a 1 hour video. Only 1 hour will be charged. Send a self addressed stamped return envelope if you would like your video returned.


I am not a Parelli Horse Development Specialist. I have taken two Colt Start Courses from Pat Parelli, one in Montana from Ronnie Willis, and one from Ray Hunt.  I have started over 50 horses throughout the years.  I do take horses in for training if person is a Parelli Student.  I only take in selected horses and one at a time, so there is usually a waiting list.  Cost is $70/session  and $550 month board.



Looking for student that wants to get more experience with many horses, ranch building, and more.   horsemanshiptimedescription